About Me

My name is Lars Hedlund, 42 years old, and I’ve been a driving instructor in the US for the last 13 years. I’m originally from Sweden, a country where roads are relatively quiet and you can probably imagine that arriving in Detroit, Michigan for the first time was an eye-opening experience! Roads here can be manic!

Voted the 3rd worst city to drive in (Autoguide) really opened up my eyes to what people in this country have to deal with on the road. It’s no wonder with infrastructure like this, and incredibly busy roads that so many people are afraid of driving, and have anxiety from just leaving their front porch.

I have specialized in driving anxiety, and driving-related fears for 5 years now, after I attempted to teach my wife to drive. My wife, who is now a great driver I should add, really struggled with driving on highways, through busy traffic and had many panic attacks just thinking about driving out there with others or on her own.

If you are looking to overcome your fear of driving, do not despair! There are many others like you out there, and there are things you can do that will really make you more comfortable and confident behind the wheel! I have created this website to address some of the obstacles you or someone you know may face, and will give advice on how to overcome your fears. Driving should be for everyone, and I firmly believe that it’s possible to get you all out on the road safely!