Why Does my Car Shake When I Drive?

You’re happily driving along and suddenly you get hit with the thought that your car seems to shake more than it used to. Did it always shake this much? Why does my car shake when I drive at certain speeds? Because your car has started to shake more over time it’s hard to think of a time where it was fine.

Most people are of the opinion that your car’s vibration is a result of bad wheel alignment. However, there could be many different reasons why your car seems more susceptible to vibrations of the road surface. The vibration of the car is often caused by the damaged or unbalanced wheels or tires. Consequently, the damage on the drivetrain, suspension and steering components can as well lead to the annoying vibrations. However, there are various causes of car vibrations which are highlighted as follows:

Speed Sensitive Vibrations

Speed-sensitive vibration is usually caused by the tires which over time become miss-shaped, out of balance and even have bulges or flat spots. Also, the car also vibrates at certain speeds because of damaged brakes or bent wheel shafts. It can also be caused by the damaged drivetrain components or the suspension or steering parts.

why does my car shake while driving

If you feel the vibration while you are driving at faster speed, the problem may come from the out of balance tires, bent wheel, or any other related issues. A very common problem here is that your tires are perhaps worn under the legal limit. Most tire manufacturers have designed their tires in such a way that they cause vibrations when they are getting too worn. This is designed this way to make you go to a garage and replace your tires before your car becomes too dangerous to drive.

On the other hand, if you feel the vibration while you are braking and slowing down, your car shakes when driving slow, this indicates that the problem comes from your brakes, such as worn out brake shoes or pads or a warped braking rotor. If you feel the vibration while you are changing the speed by either accelerating or decelerating, the problem may come from the broken or loose steering and suspension.

RPM Sensitive Vibrations

If your car shakes when driving slow then you may feel that instead, you feel your car vibrating at certain revolutions per minute, not related to any specific vehicle speed, then your problems may be a result of the engine or any components which are attached to it. Some other causes include broken or loose engine mounts, broken or l0ose accessory mounts, damaged or loose belts, and also defects on the power steering system if your car is equipped with this.

Damaged Chassis

If you have ever been in a serious collision, either with another vehicle or a stationary object, than the answer to “Why does my car shake when I drive?” could be that your vehicle is damaged and twisted as a result of the impact. This, as a result, makes the alignment of the wheels futile. A damaged chassis would generally be noticed before you take the vehicle back on the road and can be very expensive and difficult to fix. If the chassis is severely damaged, it could be impossible to fix or your car could be declared total loss because it would cost more to fix the problems than your vehicle is worth.

Axle Issues

An axle can get bent. This would generally only occur under huge stress, like an accident. If your main axle is bent, then your car will definitely vibrate with more intensity the more that you drive. Another thing that it can be would be the driveshaft – check it. If they have worn out CV (Constant Velocity), this can contribute to the problem.

car shakes when driving slow

Why Does my Car Shake When I Drive? – Rebuilt Car Engine

It does not need to be a Rebuilt Auto Engine – it can be any engine. The reason why it starts vibrating and shaking is that the engine isn’t getting enough air, fuel, or even spark – All the components that it needs to run efficiently and smoothly. These are a few ways you can tell if your problem could be with the combustion of your engine:

You start to notice some shudder or jerking when you accelerate.

You start out driving on a good note for the first couple of miles, but then, later on, you feel shaking.

You surely need a spark plug if you notice any of this signs

Un-round Wheels

You can sometimes feel your car vibrating directly through your steering wheel when you drive; The reason is not that you need to re-do your alignment, one of the main reasons is because one of your wheels is not well screwed on right. Some other causes of your wheels wobbling would be as a result of the tie-rod ends or ball joints. If you are not familiar with any of these things, the best thing to do is go to your closest auto repair shop or garage and make sure that all of these things are working correctly.

Brake Issues

If the vibration on your vehicle becomes stronger when you start to use your Brakes, it means there’s a big chance that your vehicle is moving around with a warped brake rotor or just rotors in. Your rotor can get bent out of shape due to all the overheating that we can do to it!

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