What is the IPDE Defensive Driving Formula

What is the ipde formula

Driving has pretty much become a major part of our everyday lives. When we have to go to our workplace, we drive. When we want to visit someone who lives quite far, we drive. When we order commodities and such, they are delivered through a courier, who more or less travels by driving. When we have to personally send goods, we drive. Point is, driving has practically become a significant and deep core of our society and even our economy. When you get down to it, however, driving can actually be quite complicated. After all, we are bound to encounter numerous problems while driving in the long run.

To mitigate and lessen the chances of these problems occurring and its possible effects, a technique has been created called defensive driving. Any driver would most definitely need to be aware of the principle that stands at the core of defensive driving. This principle is famously called the IPDE principle. IPDE stands for Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute and is a system of driving which is an organized step-by-step process for safe and defensive driving strategies. By learning this principle and implementing it, you can avoid encountering potentially dangerous and troublesome problems and hindrances that may cause unwanted circumstances on the road. Should the situation appear and call for it, you will be able to immediately know what to do and how to act almost instinctively and instantaneously. Through the IPDE defensive driving formula, you can ultimately become a more competent and defensive driver who is prepared for anything that you may come across while on the road. You can rest assured that this process will surely prove to be beneficial for you and your precious vehicle.

So what is the IPDE defensive driving formula, you may ask? As mentioned above, IPDE stands for Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute. These are the four vital steps to achieve defensive driving and a foolproof hazard perception, so do take note what each of these steps has to say.

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What is the IPDE Defensive Driving Formula – Identify

The first step is the letter I, which stands for Identify. As a driver, you must attempt to locate and identify certain factors that may bring about potential hazards within the driving environment. To do so, you would have to make use of your visual ability to scan, analyze, and assess the situation at hand. Look at the conditions, features, and situations of your surroundings and your vehicle. Try to monitor those as much as possible. Take note of other people in the vicinity as well. Visual ability and awareness of your surroundings are very much necessary to rightfully execute and make use of this step. Look at the image below. A car comes out of a quiet street from the left. This could be a potential problem and create an area of conflict where your path crosses theirs. If you can spot this car from far away, you have just identified a potential hazard to you and your driving. Note that the car that is turning in on the right-hand side is also a potential hazard. This car may have to go around the cyclist while giving enough room. A maneuver like that could possibly bring this car on, or close to our path.

what is the ipde defensive driving formula

What is the IPDE Defensive Driving Formula – Predict

The second step is P, which stands for Predict. Should you happen to be put into a situation where you may encounter possibly dire and conflicting problems, you have to use your instincts and quick thinking to predict and foresee what could likely happen, when it may happen, where it could potentially happen, and what the possible consequences could be in the given circumstances. You will also have to predict the possible actions of the various factors within your driving lane that may or may not constitute a potential problem or consequence, such as other vehicles and people. The prediction step is incredibly important, but can also be quite hard. You have to use your experience to understand what may happen in a few moments. If you were the one driving that car in the above picture, what would you do? Not only that but also think, what could go wrong. The driver of the car could forget to look and not come to a stop. The car could overshoot and the front may stick out onto your path slightly. Are there any signs of what this driver may do? Indicators? What is his speed like?

What is the IPDE Defensive Driving Formula – Decide

The third step is D, which stands for Decide. In this step, you have to determine the best course of action based on your prediction as soon as possible to avert or at least alleviate the quite possibly inevitable and undesirable worse case scenarios in the given situation. Quick judgment plays an incredibly important and vital role here, as time will surely not wait for you to come up with one. Your braking distance is getting shorter every single second, so before it is too late, you need to come up with a decision on what to do, when, and where to do it. Out of all the steps, this has got to be the most complicated one as this process not only requires quick judgment but also quick understanding of the possible consequences of the course of action you are planning to take and push through with and a rundown of the key factors necessary to implement such a plan. In the example above your decision will completely depend on the circumstances. If the car we identified as a hazard in step one is not slowing down, we should likely decide to start slowing down ourselves as early as possible. It is important to note in the deciding stage, that you have to try and think of what effect your possible execution is going to have on other traffic too.

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What is the IPDE Defensive Driving Formula – Execute

Last but not the least, the final step of the IPDE process is none other than E, which stands for Execute. Once you have chosen your course of action and are fully certain to push through with it, you will now immediately have to execute your plan by properly maneuvering your car to avoid conflicts, which include accelerating, decelerating, braking, steering, and much more vehicle control maneuvers. Your skill to achieve your maneuvering plan is key in this step. Be aware that if you make a defensive move, other traffic around you might not anticipate that. You have to make sure your execution is as safe as it can be.

By following all these steps when the situation demands it, you can finally be called a legitimate, defensive driver. With this, do take the time to think of the IPDE process whenever you can. It will really help you master various driving techniques.

What is the IPDE defensive driving formula? You can now surely agree that the IPDE process is a truly remarkable and beneficial principle all drivers should know and implement. After all, not only will it lessen possible expenses due to damages and such, but it will also potentially save plenty of lives, which include your own and many innocent others.