Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car?

Is Insurance Required to Test Drive a Car?

It is surprising how many people decide to not test drive a new car before they buy it. It is often that potential buyers are simply looking at the aesthetics of the vehicle and look at the less important superficial details like kicking the tires instead of understanding the engines history and the repairs already completed previously to get an indication of what potential problems the car may have in the future.

Some car sales dealers may even be prepared to let you test drive a car for an extended time, from a few hours, and in rare cases even a few days to help you make up your mind. You are about to spend lots of money, so do not be shy to ask if you are unsure of the sale attached. Again, the test drive is your one chance to ensure everything is in good working order, with no bangs, clatters, grinds, and squeaks, etc.

Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car? – Test Driving a Used Car

One of the obvious advantages of a second-hand car is its lower price compared to brand new vehicles. However, buying a used car requires thorough inspection and testing to make sure you are purchasing one that will not give you problems and high maintenance costs but will instead serve you for several years to come.

Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car?

Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car?

To test drive a car, insurance is usually not needed. However, your dealership of choice is likely to have some “Garage Policies” that cover test driving liabilities. The insurance coverage policies are distinct between dealer to dealer based on the insurance requirements of the buyer to test drive.

The insurance policies are set up in a manner that your insurance is primary and that of the dealer is secondary. This only means that if you get into an accident during test driving, you are on the hook if it is your fault. But, the seller is on the hook if the policy gets maxed out, irrespective of their release of claims states. This way both you and the garage are covered for a larger liability.

Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car? – Don’t Have Insurance?

Some exceptions come into play for test drivers without any insurance. Most dealers that trade on non-luxury brands are set up to protect uninsured drivers for non-negligent damages. For instance; if you get into an accident during test driving. If the accident is your fault and there is no negligence involved, the dealers have policies that will cover the cost of repairs if it below the minimum state damage that is covered per accident.

Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car? – Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

Is Insurance Required to Test Drive a Car

  • Do your research about the particular make and model you are interested in before heading out to test drive the used car. Is the specific make and model known for its speed? Or perhaps it is famous for its powerful engine.
  • Don’t rush. You don’t need to be back in 5 minutes. Give yourself plenty of time to focus on the car, take it into a few different areas and roads. This may also be an excellent time to ask the salesperson questions about the car when something does not feel right during the drive.
  • If you have a trusted third-party mechanic, ask them to go on the drive with you. When something in the car feels out of the ordinary, a mechanic can quickly point out what it means and can give you good advice if the vehicle you are testing is well conditioned and maintained.
  • Test drive the car on different roads to see how it performs in varied conditions. If buying at a dealership, ask the representative if you can drive off the usual route
  • Test drive 2 to 3 cars to help you make accurate comparisons between them. This will also help you determine which car feels right for you.
  • Don’t overlook the small details in the car including the seat belts, mirrors, pedals, heat, air conditioning, and lights. More often than not, buyers will be concerned about how the car runs that they forget to test these items. Make sure these are all working well.
  • Check the controls on the dashboard. Make sure they are functioning well and are easy to set and adjust.

Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car? – Some Final Tips

After a few days of your initial test drive, try to ask the seller or the dealership if you can drive the car a second time. Doing so will give you the opportunity to see something you might have missed out on during the first test drive.