How to Drive Uphill in Snow

How to Drive Uphill in Snow

Driving in the snow can be challenging on any road. You might become overwhelmed with the thought of driving up an ice-covered hill. Many people do not know how to drive uphill in snow properly and struggle with the concept. Snow conditions can make driving extremely difficult and can lead to severe accidents that could be fatal. It’s therefore important to prepare yourself ahead of time and ensure you know how to drive uphill in the snow before you set off. This guide will not just prepare you for a snowy road, and it will also expose you to the diverse ways you can approach your driving when faced with challenging situations on the road.

Driving in the snow checklist

Before you set off and drive in the snow, these are the things to do:

Plan your Journey

It’s essential for you to plan your journey properly before you hit the road. This is a vital step to enable you to drive uphill in snow. You can use any of your favorite route planners and GPS systems or failing that, even use Google maps, which has recently improved their interface a lot. With this, you can stay updated on traffic news and road conditions so you could have a smooth ride as much as possible. Also stay on top of any weather updates and forecast to ensure you aren’t caught unaware on a stormy day.

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Leave for more time

If you are searching for a guide on how to drive uphill in snow, such a guide is not complete if it doesn’t advise you to leave ahead of time. If you are meant to start your journey at 7 am and there is heavy snow predicted or already on the ground, you could get set by 6 am and use the extra time to do some necessary cleaning such as wiping out the mirror, lights, and car windows. Ensure you also clear on top of the roof of your car before gearing off the road. Driving in snow can hinder your visibility. So it’s advisable to dust out your windscreen and any other part of your car that can hinder your view when driving. You should also take a lock de-icer with you. When your lock gets frozen in the middle of the road, you could then use this de-icer on the key to warm it up. Never mind having to drive slower and needing extra time, it’s these checks that can consume much of your time, so it’s best to do them before setting out.

Check your Tyres

This is important because poor tires will fail to grip when driving uphill in snow. You might want to consider changing the tires that have deeper tread such as winter tires. If the snow condition of the hill becomes pretty bad, you might choose to use snow chains or snow socks as well if they are allowed in your country or state. (Some countries even make them mandatory in certain seasons)

How to Drive Uphill in Snow

 When driving up a hill in the snow, even a slight incline can be problematic. Your grip wears away quickly and gravity will try to pull you down. You should try to avoid hills and mountains as much as you can, but if it becomes your only option; then you should watch out for the following:

  • Try to increase your acceleration as much as possible, safely, before you reach the hill. You want to have some momentum going before reaching the hill, as speeding up later on will become impossible.
  • Avoid pressing the throttle more than before when you are up the hill. If you attempt to press the gas hard when you are already on the hill, you will find your wheels spinning. It is incredibly important to try and let the momentum take your vehicle upwards, only adding a little bit of power to keep your acceleration stable.
  • Do not attempt to stop on the hill, unless you have no other choice. If you stop, there is a high chance you will either get stuck in the snow or find that your car will start sliding backwards down the hill. this could be dangerous as you will lose control of your vehicle completely.

how to drive uphill in snow

With these few tips above, I do hope you are better armed against any hills you may come across. The golden rule here is the same as with anything else. If something looks too dangerous, don’t do it. Take your time, think about what you have to do.

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